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Dali parkschloss saunaclub sex-club bordel Marsberg

The Dali Parkschloss saunaclub is a beautiful fkk saunaclub in the town of Marsberg in the Dortmund area. This brothel is located in a very nice manor with a large garden and a swimming pool.

Adress: Madfelder Straße, 2 - 34431 Marsberg
Country: Germany
GPS: 51.422868 / 8.773956
Phone: +49 2991 78156
Website: FKK saunaclub Dali website

Description of the Dali parkschloss fkk saunaclub Marsberg

Type Sex-club, fkk saunaclub, bordell in Marsberg near Dortmund and Kassel
Sex practices Gang-bang, anal sex, blowjob, classic sex, orgy, threesome, cumshot
Girls About 20 ladies at anytime
Rates Flatrate of 73€ from 10am to 15pm then 99€
Opening hours Openning everyday from 10pm to 4am

Location of the FKK saunaclub Dali in Marsberg

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